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Life’s a Beach: 2018 Sydney property market

Going South It’s hard to believe that half of the year has almost passed and we’re now looking forward to Spring and longer, sunny days. It’s as good a time as any to take stock of the past six months. Needless to say – given what we do for a living – Sydney’s property market […] ... Read more »

Vanishing Point: 2017, the year that was

In Retrospective What a year! By any standard, 2017 was a dizzying ride for the Sydney real estate market, with events that took even seasoned veterans by surprise. Here’s what we saw. In early May, when Rosalie and I went overseas on a family holiday, we left a booming market. Our last auction was a […] ... Read more »

Q2 2017: Reflections & Directions

Taking Stock Once again, we’ve clicked over into a new Financial Year. Predictably, this is the time when Sydney’s property market slows down while buyers defer decisions until after the tax bill has been delivered. In the twenty-five years since Rosalie and I first started our business, we’ve learned to use this opportunity to reflect […] ... Read more »

Q1 2017: Market Wrap Up

First Quarter 2017 highlights the stark reality of Sydney’s soaring house prices ... Read more »

2016: A Year To Remember

2016 will soon be in the rearview mirror. Here’s our recap. ... Read more »

7 Rules for Investment Property

Considering an investment property? Here’s where to start. ... Read more »

It’s a Boom!

Demand for Sydney housing continues to rise as anxious buyers scramble for a foothold. ... Read more »

Busting the “size matters” myth

Rosalie and I shed some light on the choice between franchise and independent agent and the question of what really matters. ... Read more »

The Art of Styling to Sell

We discuss why enlisting the services of an experienced property stylist will make all the difference to your property sale. ... Read more »

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