6 Steps to successfully selling your home

Welcome to our new site, and our first post. We thought we’d kick off the “good advice” list with a quick run-down on those jobs that can make all the difference to your house sale.
And, since this is our first post, it’s time to introduce ourselves. We are Mark and Rosalie Gordon, a husband and wife team who have been in real estate for over twenty-five years, specialising in Sydney’s Inner West. We know this area like the back of our hands, and we love it deeply.
This blog is where we’ll articulate our passion about what we do and where we live. We’ll share our insights into the lifestyle, attractions and community of Sydney’s Inner West suburbs, and how we help our clients to realise the most from their investment or find their dream home.

Go that extra mop! It can make all the difference

  1. Prepare:

    • Clean the house, top to bottom, inside, out, garden, windows
    • Make sure your property is in good condition and looks comfortable
    • De-clutter. Get rid of excess – this makes your rooms look bigger
    • Rearrange furniture, rooms, and cupboards to suit the market (e.g. turn the smallest bedroom into a study).
  2. Research:

    • The market comparisons for your home
    • The price expectations of your desired home
    • The highest achieving agents in the area
    • The solicitors and conveyancers in your area – and whether they’re right for you
  3. Get Advice:

    • Seek advice from professionals and use it. Knowledge is power.
    • Loan amounts, repayments, terms, the buy/sell gap, mortgage insurance
    • Lawyers
    • Stylists. A visit might cost $100, but often delivers thousands in sale price
  4. Select:

    • Your agent. Shortlist three, select one. Select on the basis of:
      • Experience in the area
      • Recent sales
      • Referrals of most recent clients, (ask them for the three most recent vendors they have represented, and call them).
      • Service guarantees
      • Contact the short list and see what happens. Do they answer? Call back?
    • Auction or Private Treaty?
      • Most sales in a heated market are by auction, your agent should recommend the auctioneer.
      • Solicitor or Conveyancer
      • Broker or bank
  5. Take Action:

    • We tend to react to timetables and deadlines – so create them!
    • Book all the relevant dates
    • Contract preparation
    • Brief and schedule all the service providers
    • Take the kids to the park at inspection times
    • Agree a marketing program with the agent
    • Work as a team with your agent.
  6. Celebrate! You did well. Congratulations. Pop open the champagne and raise a toast to your future.
  7. If you would like to talk to someone who can help you make all the difference to your house sale, just drop us a line. There’s no obligation and there’s no need to feel overwhelmed by the ‘to do’ list. My last piece of good advice? Talk to someone who will make sense of the process, and help you get the best return for your property.