The Art of Styling to Sell

Do you want to see maximum return on your house?
Over the years, Rosalie and I have heard the words: “We think a house should look lived in,” too many times to count.
“People will see this as a family home and imagine themselves living here,” we’re told, as we take in the family pictures, knick knacks and layers of pre-school art magnetised to the refrigerator.
“Well, no…”
In today’s competitive and sophisticated market, this attitude will only see your home’s potential return plummet.

Clean Up, Clean Out
We all live busy lives, juggling work and family commitments and so it is that a lived-in house is filled with personal colour, bits’n pieces and decor that are inherent to your day-to-day lives. You may not notice that the lounge suite bought ten years ago is showing serious wear and those framed wedding pictures look faded, not to mention that old dining table inherited from Uncle Fred! None of this matters to anyone else – until you make the decision to sell.
The moment you become a vendor it is time to pack up your past because the property that was your home becomes a canvas upon which new owners will build their memories.
It is almost inevitable that we find ourselves advising clients to consider a partial or a full restyling of their property. Frankly, not everyone has the ‘knack’ for interior design. It is a highly skilled area, requiring an understanding of the technicalities of design that you may not have, or simply the ability to see the property through someone else’s eyes.
You may not feel it necessary to pay someone else to revamp your home, but if you ask for our advice we’ll tell you that bringing in a professional to restyle your property will make all the difference. Trust us on this.

Make a splash
Visual impact is crucial to attracting buyers

Stand out from the crowd
Set your home apart from the competition

Show off what you’ve got
Present your home in its best light

Stylish but neutral
A space where buyers can imagine themselves

Create Space for Inspiration

To sell your home, it must be transformed into an inviting space where buyers can easily imagine themselves.
In addition, marketing will require quality images and it will be these pictures, even more than text, that will attract buyers to your property.
Preparing your property for sale should not become an impossible hurdle. If you need help, we have found Sydney’s Spatial Property Styling to be one of the best stylists and furniture hire companies in their field.

The Complete Restyle
Buyers find it difficult to visualise the true space and comfort of a property by looking at four walls and a bare floor which is why we advise a complete restyle for vendors who are preparing to sell a vacant investment property or home owners who have already moved to their new address.
A ‘fully dressed’ property is showcased to its full potential and the buyer is left in no doubt that the bedrooms can accommodate a double or queen sized bed and that the living area can fit two lounges and family dining table.
We liaise with the property stylists to ensure that the property is dressed with furniture appropriate to the home’s character and, most importantly, tailored to the type of buyer most likely to buy the property.
Furniture is hired for a six-week period and an extension can be arranged for a fee if required.
The cost of a full styling can range from $3,000-$6,000 but we have seen vendors achieve a 10-20 fold return on their dollar investment as a direct result.
As investments go, that’s an impressive return.

The Partial Restyle
This option is best for those who are selling while still living in the property. It’s just not practical or financially viable for most people to vacate their home and take on the full styling option – after all, the mortgage still needs to be paid, kids clothed and fed.
In this case, we advise owners make an honest assessment of their furniture and belongings. If the lounge is looking tired, consider hiring a temporary replacement. The same applies to dining tables, artwork and garden furniture.
Practically speaking, a trip to K-Mart will result in new cushions and pillows for next to nothing and why not buy new Doona covers to give the bedrooms that professional hotel look? These subtle changes won’t have a great impact on your lifestyle and they provide the resources for a make-over in preparation for buyer visits. Cover the lounge with a sheet between viewings to ensure it looks its finest and store the doona covers under the bed in the same fashion.
Once styled, we suggest that you photograph each room and use those pictures as a template for ensuring a professionally finished look prior to open house and scheduled buyer visits. With planning, preparation and effort a “lived-in” home can still look dazzling, translating directly into a sale and money in your pocket.
The partial restyle option – done properly – can cost as little as $1,000 and bring 20 fold return.

To Style or Not To Style…

To give an example, 98 Lord Street Newtown was a tired rental property given a coat of paint and style revamp and the response we had when it came to market was nothing short of phenomenal.
Professional styling – whether partial or in full – should always be considered. Remember, a property’s pictures will have more impact than the text description. Going this extra mile will ensure that your home stands apart from the crowd and puts you on track for a winning result.

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